Saturday, 15 April 2017

Specialist: Making our designs; Part 4

This week we have been finishing our furniture

it has been a week of tightening up nuts- in awkward places

lots of nuts

even more..

still tightening..

using our wrenches

making sure all is tight and safe...

finally adding the bottom tyres.. 
still measuring to make sure they line up and are easy to fit together

then they are ready to put in place..

with all the others (junior school)

for now the rest stay safe outside the classrooms in the senior school

until we have time, next term, to place them in pods

we are very proud of our achievements

and are happy to try them out

very comfortable

our bench..

is finished

now the rest of the school are using it

our younger students all love them

they are very happy


out of the rain

our Year 5/6's trying it out

more seats for the juniors..

keeping our parents/community out of the rain- far...
what an awesome idea for our students to be part of (parent)
our students run, as soon as the bell goes, to get a seat in the junior school (learning assistant)
as soon as one gets up, another is sitting on the seat (teacher)
these would look great on my deck (many staff)
where are the seats for outside my classroom? (teacher)
can I have more outside my room? (teacher)

Some feedback from the students who made the furniture..

I loved this term in tech because I got to make furniture, researching, planning and designing. thank you Mrs Woof for this opportunity

I have toughened my inner strength and also put in some math in learning. I have learnt how to handle hard materials and also the tools.

I very much enjoyed this term because I have experienced what its like to actually design and make furniture with fellow classmates. It was a very fun thing to do. Thank you Mrs Woof.

Yes I enjoyed this term-working together with my friends, cooperating as a team and including others.

I enjoyed making our tyre seat. Also doing hard materials and learning about the right tools to use.This term was amazing.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Specialist: Making our designs; Part 3

This week we are getting close to finishing our outcomes

measuring the diameter to mark out holes-
 to attach the top tyre to the bottom one

adding the top

finalising the alignment of the timber

bolting in place

tightening the nuts and bolts

it's a bit awkward at times

we have to get in close

and figure things out...

together as a team


we have finished..

now we test it..


Saturday, 1 April 2017

Specialist: Making our designs; Part 2

Our starter this week was on saw types...

students researched five different types of saws and 
what materials they would cut

they also had to state whether they were a power tool, 
cut curves, straight lines or both

then we moved on to making...

some were stringing their tyres... using you tube to get it right..

some were shaping with the saw

then using a rasp

others were marking out, drilling then stringing their tyres

some groups were really productive

and worked well together

communication was important

so was accurate marking out... even for screws..

we wanted the screws to be in the correct place so we had to do a bit of math

and then drill some pilot holes

then countersink them

 before we added the screws.. righty tighty..

some of our designs needed bolts

we had to mark out before we drilled the holes

and then fix the bolts in place.. not too tight yet..

we are starting to get there..

some of our designs were complex and needed a lot of thought

but we got there...

but need some washers as our bolts are too long... we'll make them next week ourselves- 
we have an idea we could use

once we are ready to bolt...some finishing is needed..

sanding the planks/timber

using the sander saves us time and gives a nice finish which we can 
complete by hand using sand paper and a sanding block

we are nearly there...