Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Technology: Fry Bread with our parent helper Kathleen

This week some of our Year 7's were able to watch Fry Bread being made

(this tied in nicely with our bread and pizza making)

Kaia's mum came in to supervise Kaia making the fry bread

Kaia has been taught by his mum, Kaia's mum was taught
 by her grandmother and other relatives

It is important for all our cultures to pass down their knowledge to younger generations- Kaia's mum is grateful that he is interested and wants to learn

Lets' see what he did..

Get some warm water

add some sugar and yeast

stir it

cover and wait- the yeast needs to feed

put flour in a bowl

when the yeast is ready slowly pour it into the bowl

mix it

add some more yeast mixture until it is the correct consistency

knead it

knead until the consistency is right- it is smooth and not sticky

then it was covered with a damp tea towel and left in a warm place to rise

Kaia kneaded it again

then he used his knuckles to spread out the dough

knuckles are used so the dough is not overworked

then Kaia cut up the dough

and placed the pieces on a tray

the first pieces were put in hot oil to cook

they are cooked until golden then turned over to cook again

Kaia's fry bread- with help from his mum

we discussed how the fry bread can be filled 
and what kinds of fillings we could add

now time to taste

our Cook Island, Samoan and Tongan students remarked at how similar they were to their doughnuts- just a different shape and name

thanks Kathleen for taking the time to show us your family recipe

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Technology: Fa’afetai to our parent helpers

This newsletter is just to say a big thank you to our parent helpers for giving up their time to help make the Koko Alaisa

Technology: Year 6 Taster

Here are some examples of our Year 6 work

Year 6 have been visiting to have a taste of Technology

The focus was to develop basic skills- drawing, forming lettering, enhancing with colour, cutting with a knife and scissors and laminating

Well done to Room 27

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Technology: Koko Laisa with the New Entrants and Year 1's

Today our New Entrant and Year 1's made Koko Laisa

We were lucky to have Mrs Siliga to show us how she makes it

First measure out the rice

then wash it..

put it in the pan..

leave it to boil..

break up the koko Samoa..

put it in the pan to dissolve..

stir it..

is it ready yet?

add sugar..

stir it again..

stir some more..

add the coconut cream..

leave to taste..

some students came back for seconds and thirds..

yum !