Saturday, 27 May 2017

Specialist Technology: Maggi Kitchen Showdown Part 2

Our students have written up their recipes and refined them

now we cook again

we have a clear method

to follow

and our skills are developed

processing ingredients is quicker

and we are more confident

we are trying out the same recipe..

but have changed aspects.. beef strips instead of chicken

processing the onions differently

making sure we meet the brief.. and ensuring our presentation is better

kale- Samoan curry

Punjabi Curry

instead of taro we used kumara

we added some coconut cream, to our stir fry, for an island flavour

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Specialist: Maggi Kitchen Showdown

Currently we have a group of Year 7 & 8 students working towards submitting recipes for this competition. They have to work towards a specific design brief.. their idea must..

Feed a family of four

Cost less then $20 to make

Be made in less than 30 minutes

Contain carbohydrate, protein, vegetables and a Maggi recipe base

Must be balanced and nutritious

This week we tried out our ideas..

 preparing taro for the first time
 cutting steak
 peeling and chopping
washing rice
 now we cook
 add spices
 make a sauce
stir fry 
 taro, chicken and veggies
 steak and pineapple
 chicken stir fry with noodles
 Samoan curry
 Punjabi curry

Next week we evaluate the recipes for fitness for purpose- some we might modify/improve others we might disregard- we shall see...

Specialist: Year 7 Function of ingredients and equipment

This is our first cooking session

we have a lot of skills to learn.. how to weigh and measure and why we need to..

and the function of our ingredients were far more important than we thought

this helps us understand why they are in the recipe and why we need to get quantities right

we did further learning about physical and chemical changes in baking

linking our learning to our learning in science

we also watched a demonstration

to ensure a quality outcome

next week we cook...