Friday, 24 November 2017

Specialist Technology: Coding

This term we have been learning Scratch

W have learned about the different scripts

and learned how to write basic code

we started off by setting up accounts

and using help cards to help us navigate the programme

code started to become easier

we started to look at other peoples code to help us learn

but x & y were unknowns

so we did some work on co-ordinates

to help us understand x & y

it was fun learning

but had a purpose and it really helped us

we started to have some choice about what we did

ans started to use the internet to help us

Scratch is something we understand well now, many of us are doing it at home 
because we enjoy it so much..

and we can use it for many different applications.. 
and we can teach ourselves now..

Specialist technology: Gifted and Talented; Make our hall a space we can be proud of; Part 6

Our students have been busy filling the holes in the hall in preparation for painting


We need to develop the right techniques so we don't waste the filler

we have a lot of holes to fill

but there are a lot of us

and we keep busy

when the filler is dry

we get busy sanding... wearing masks to keep us safe..

Unfortunately we can't paint the hall now but we have learned a lot along this journey and the hall is in a much better condition.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Specialist Technology: Cultural Cooking; Cook Island potato salad

This week we have been making potato salad of our choosing

It was a good opportunity to see all of our different cultures at work

first we processed the potatoes

peeling and then..


then we boiled the potatoes in salted water

and hard boiled our eggs

whilst the potatoes and eggs were cooking we processed our other ingredients

chopping onion

frying bacon

processing all the extras

then we strained the potatoes

washed them in cold water and put them in a bowl

we added mayonnaise, eggs...

some added beetroot, chow chow, mixed vegetables..

and mixed

some grated some egg over the potato salad..

as one Cook Islands student said... it is all about the presentation!

Specialist technology: Gifted and Talented; Make our hall a space we can be proud of; Part 5

This week we have been continuing to prepare the walls for painting

We washed the walls using sugar soap and cloths

this work is quite exhausting..

but necessary..

so we kept working hard..

and stuck at it..

working with our friends..

to get the job done..

it's starting to look good..

and the hard work is paying off..

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Specialist Technology: Cultural Cooking; Potato Salad

This week we have been learning about the Cook Islands

15 islands
two currencies
local delicacies like sea cucumber (rori)
and the fact that Cook Islanders like their potato salad very colourful and full of healthy ingredients like beetroot and veggies

we have also been planning the making of a potato salad

no demonstration this week- just our prior knowledge about planning and sequencing

we need to cut out the words

then sequence them into the correct order- based on being logical and sensible

and using our prior knowledge

then we listed associated equipment we would use

health and safety considerations

quality checks and timings... next week we make our own version of potato salad