Monday, 28 March 2016

Specialism: Year 7 In or on toast

Year 7's have been continuing the theme of a healthy breakfast

looking at bread/toast as the basis of our breakfast

butter the slices of bread

then add either a topping or a filling

sweet fillings like apple and jam

savoury fillings like tomato puree and cheese

some chose to put toppings on instead of fillings

then they were either cooked in a sandwich maker

or in the oven

we learned that a sandwich maker seals the bread around the edges and some can even cut the sandwich in half. Sealing the bread stops the fillings from spilling out and keeps the heat in for longer. The sandwich maker cooks the bread on both sides at the same time- however if a disadvantage of using a sandwich maker is that you cannot see your filling/s- so you may not know what you are eating...

our students now also understand how to balance our breakfasts by having a carbohydrate and some protein- baked beans are great because they cover two food groups- protein and fibre- with bread they make the breakfast balanced- our students know that using wholewheat bread will add more fibre to the outcome too...

Specialism: Year 8 Pastry

 Year 8 have been making pastry- litter-less lunch outcomes

they weighed and measured the ingredients, mixed them and then began to roll their pastry

we need flour on the table due to the butter in the pastry

we have to work quickly so that the butter doesn't get too soft and sticky

then we cut the pastry and place it in the trays

next we fill with our 1 egg, 1/4 cup milk and a pinch of salt/pepper mixture

we fill our pastry with even portions of the egg mixture

then we add our fillings- bacon, cheese,

mixed vegetables, peas, onion, sweetcorn etc..

then we cook the outcomes in the oven until the pastry cooks and the filling sets

leave to cool

then eat.... ideal for our lunchboxes!

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Specialism: Year 7 Granola bars

Year 7's continue the theme of breakfasts



reading a recipe, working together

health and safety- making sure hot ingredients are heated and poured safely

mixing thoroughly

portioning evenly

working together

so it cooks perfectly

we are learning about the origin of our ingredients, its food group, the nutrition it gives us and we are developing an idea of cost/s

our designs show that we understand the limitations of the recipe but that it can be adapted/modified slightly- we must communicate our ideas to a high standard

Specialism: Year 8 Wraps

Year 8 have made wraps- they are litterless lunches

first mix the ingredients to form a dough

then start to roll it out

try and keep it in a circle- a thin one

now cook it in a hot pan- no oil- until brown spots appear

flip it over to cook on the other side
and put it in a plastic bag to keep it moist and from going hard

then process the ingredients- cream cheese into sticks/batons

tomatoes sliced and then into strips

some wanted egg in their wraps- so they cooked it whilst other ingredients were being processed

now ready for filling/assembly

gooey bits first, then the vegetables and protein

now we roll

some designing- showing we understand the ingredients and outcome- we also show the textures our chosen ingredients will bring to the final outcome

we planned the making of the outcome to a high standard- showing we understand health and safety, quality checks and approx. timings

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Specialism: Year 6 Enrichment-Food

This term some of our Year 6's are doing some enrichment in our food room

we are learning to weigh ingredients and follow a recipe

measuring has to be accurate

portioning has to be correct

we need to work as a team

we are starting to learn from each other

we have even learned a bit of science- hokey pokey is made when the carbon dioxide produced by baking soda gets trapped by the sticky molecules in the syrup/sugar mixture

the result is hokey pokey- yum!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Specialism:Year 7 healthy breakfasts

Our Year 7's are focusing on how they can start the day the right way- learning about nutrition and how it impacts us- tangata whenua (people of the land)

We are also learning about the origin of our food too!

4 eggs, a pinch of salt and pepper plus extras

= a nutritious breakfast

crack the eggs

into a measuring jug

process the extra ingredients- chop, grate, slice, dice

add the egg, in even portions, to the silicon muffin tray

add the extras- cheese, peas, mixed vegetables, bacon, sweetcorn, spaghetti etc

for appearance, texture, taste and smell

bake until risen and golden

now taste- too late all gone!

our students loved them so much they are making them at home

we also know that eggs contain protein to help our muscles repair and to help us grow- protein is also found in lean meats and alternatives- also milk products too- a great start to the day!